Sex, Laughter, and Real-God-Realization

Adi_Da_1975In the following talk excerpt, Adi Da points out how, previous to Divine Realization, human beings are often offended by the non-human world, just as we are offended by our own death and even bodily pleasure.

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ADI DA SAMRAJ: So the Free Man is Free. Absolutely Free. Not just a little bit free. Not cut off from all of this. That’s not the nature of His Freedom—humorlessness relative to the world still, non-pleasure still. No, in His Freedom He becomes capable of humor in life, capable of pleasure, or enjoyment, in the forms that are arising. That is the fullness of God-Realization. All of the humorless, pleasureless forms of experience that are often associated with God-Realization in the traditions are not God-Realization in Truth.

DEVOTEE: It seems that a person who is capable of pleasure wouldn’t be exploiting his capacity… In my experience, exploitation comes from a lack of being able to get pleasure from anything I do, and the search for pleasure is never gratified.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Right. In your own case, this is very true. (laughter) But what looks like exploitation from the frustrated point of view of the usual man is Dance. Look at how exaggerated the universe is! Look at how exaggerated the earth is, compared to all these monotonous human beings. The earth is always in upheaval—earthquakes are happening, earth shifts of all kinds, weather of all kinds! Things growing and dying, creatures eating one another! (laughter) It’s all a mad and lusty affair. Apart from what human beings are always doing. (laughter) I mean, there are things that the earth and sky and creatures do that you wouldn’t even consider doing! (laughter) You are offended by all of that. So you want there to be heaven. (laughter) In heaven, there are no earthquakes, no bad weather; no creatures eat other creatures, no death—hmm?

Well this is all a reflection of your reaction to life, your own strategy. The typically human strategy. It’s not something that you especially have “worked up” on your own. All beings are involved in it—all human beings. We communicate it to one another through social forms. Also through the genes.


From the talk, Sex, Laughter, and Real-God-Realization.


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