formicaOne day while I was at Adi Da’s house I was in a hurry and feeling anxious. That was my common state whenever I felt pressure. There was a lot to do that day. Anyway, I was preparing a jelly sandwich. When I reached up to get the jelly from the cupboard there were ants all over the jar. I took the jar down in dismay. I didn’t have time (or so I thought) to take the ants outside or save them. So I turned on the warm water and washed them down the drain and I said to them, “I’m sorry, ants, I don’t have time to deal with you at the moment.” With that they all gushed down the drain and died. I usually make a point not to kill even the smallest type of bug or insect, so this was unusual for me.

“Within a few seconds a man came into the kitchen with a small white bowl in his hand. He said, “There’s an ant in this bowl. Adi Da asks that you put it outside, and don’t kill it.” I was astonished. Adi Da was in another room and there was no way he could have heard me talking to the ants. I immediately felt his Transcendent Nature and constant regard and awareness of me and everyone and everything around him. I felt his sensitivity and regard for all beings. Now, every time I see an insect, and am in a hurry, I remember his compassionate regard for all living creatures. I realize they are as significant, or insignificant, as myself and they are worthy of the time it takes.  – Marie Prager


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