The door to the house was open and two small brown birds flew into the room and started flying against the windows. We managed to get one of them outside again, but the other one kept flying around and finally smacked into a window so hard it fell to the floor in a ball. We picked it up and took it outside on the porch.

BirdInTheHandWEBI sprinkled some sacred water on the bird’s head and dripped a few drops into its mouth. It seemed to revive a little, but then collapsed again. The bird was in shock and wouldn’t move. It was hyperventilating and closing its eyes, and we thought for sure it wasn’t going to survive.

At this point we told Adi Da about the bird. From his room he sent a message for the bird,  “If you don’t move your ass right now, I am going to turn you into a cat sandwich!”

The bird shook its head, looked around, and flew away out over the cove. When Adi Da was told of the bird’s response and recovery He smiled widely. – Io Free Jones


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