Modified by CombineZPAt the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary there is a beautiful tree-rimmed pond called Mother’s Bed. In the 1970s, when Adi Da Samraj lived at the Mountain Of Attention, he frequently swam at Mother’s Bed in the heat of summer. On one such occasion I saw a fly land on his arm and bite him. He smacked the fly and it fell to the ground, stone dead. This was a very unusual event. Adi Da had always instructed us not to kill any of the ants or spiders in his house, but to take them outside and set them free. I was curious, so I moved around his chair to get a closer look at the fly. It was curled up and motionless. As I moved around Adi Da remarked, “That’s the last thing that fly will ever do!” But as I continued to look at the fly, he reconsidered. “Well, maybe this fly shouldn’t die right now”. He leaned out of his chair and placed his forefinger about an inch above the fly’s body. I could actually see a current of energy streaming from his finger into the fly. After a second or two, the fly’s entire body began to shake vigorously, as if in response to an electric shock. After several more moments, Adi Da picked the fly up and, holding it carefully on His forefinger, gently blew on it. To my astonishment, that very fortunate fly flew out across the surface of the pond and off into the summer sky.  – River Papers


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