“If You See Right Visions, Then See Who I Am”


135083_473319470941_175868780941_6314805_1226958_o-300x199One thousand years ago the inland plains of North America were home to countless thousands of bison. Each year their herds would undertake the great migration across the vastness of North America.

The lives and cultures of many Native peoples depended on these movements of the bison.

These large, woolly, beings were the life-blood of the plains people. They were an immense source of material and Spiritual abundance. The buffalo provided them with meat, skin and bone (food, shelter, clothing and weapons and tools). The plains tribes also worshiped the buffalo as a great Spirit-being, ceremonially celebrating their association with the Great Buffalo Spirit.

A centuries-old sacred legend of the Lakota Sioux people tells of two young hunters, from the region known today as Dakota. Out together on a hunting trip, they were confronted by a pure white buffalo who turned into a beautiful woman, the White Buffalo Calf Woman. She gave the two men instruction about how the Sioux should live and prophesied her return one day in the form of a white female bison calf.

The reappearance of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, long-awaited by the Sioux and other tribes, is expected by them to initiate the restoration of their culture and that of all mankind to the Great Divine Spirit, and to bring peace and prosperity.

wbufbaby“Miracle” is the name given to a bison calf born on a small farm in Janesville, Wisconsin, on August 2, 1994.

Miracle was female, and pure white. Se lived until September 19, 2004. To read more about Miracle view her website.

To the Native Americans the appearance of Miracle was a Divine manifestation. From the moment of her birth word spread with lightening speed and the pilgrimages began. Natives, and others moved by the prophecy, began traveling to Jainseville from all over the United States, and from around the world, to pay homage to this unique buffalo. They brought gifts — dream-catchers, medicine wheels, sweet grass, turquoise, cedar berries, alabaster. They came to perform ceremonies, offer prayers and gifts.

Far away, on the other side of the world, in November 1994, Adi Da Samraj came to hear the story of Miracle.

WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman1-150x150From information received from a friend in Boston I sent a simple presentation to Adi Da about Miracle’s birth and the prophecy around her, thinking that He would find this interesting. As it happened, only moments before receiving my report Adi Da had been looking through some books and a video about the prophecy of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, including The Sacred Pipe, by Black Elk. And after He looked over my letter He had a question:

“As I remember, the source of the legend of the White Buffalo Woman is the tradition of the sacred pipe described by Black Elk. I have the impression that the return of this Spirit is regarded to be a sign of the end of the world and of the restoration of Native Americans to their integrity, which inherently has something to do with their lands. The prophecy contains both suggestions. What are they actually proposing? Does the appearance of this white buffalo signal the restoration of the Native Americans, or is it associated with the end of the world — a judgement day, a holocaust, or some such event?” (November 8, 1994)

Adi Da asked me to consult more than books about this. He asked me to directly contact and talk to Lakota leaders to find out about the legend first hand. The Sioux are the keepers of the Sacred Pipe for the prophecy of the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

I was soon talking with two men in Rapid City, South Dakota: Joseph Chasing Horse, and Floyd Hand (“Looks for Buffalo”). Both men were receptive to my inquiry on behalf of Adi Da Samraj, and were willing to speak about the prophecy.

In these telephone conversations I learned that the Sioux regard the white calf as a sign of the purification of the Nations of Native Americans, and of the world. The prophecy predicts the regeneration of humanity through an ordeal of difficulty, suffering and hardship. This ordeal will bring people back to their roots, to the source of the Great Mystery. And this will initiate a change in the consciousness of people. The Sioux regard the prophecy about the “end of the world” as a signal for the ending of modern white man’s civilization, thereby restoring human and Spiritual integrity to the world.

Both Joseph Chasing Horse and Floyd Hand asked me to give their respective messages to Adi Da, which I did.

z170995-150x150Joseph Chasing Horse, a Sioux leader, wanted Adi Da to know about an immanent gathering of tribal leaders at Big Mountain in Arizona, the purpose of which was to inspire native people to return to the Buffalo, to their roots. With the state of the world as it is Native American leaders feel urgent for all cultures to return to their roots, the Spiritual Source of existence. The ceremony at Big Mountain was a four day prayer for the healing of the Earth.


zHand-Floyd-150x150Floyd Hand, a Sioux shaman of high degree, spoke of some visions he had pertaining to the white calf prophecy. He said that during the predicted restoration many white animals would be born; signaling the reappearance of purity and goodness. He also said many black animals would be born; signaling the end of old ways. As our conversation ended he asked me to pass on a message to Adi Da about a vision he received while we had been talking.

Floyd said, “Tell him to watch the left side of his body and his left hand, for a serpent is crawling, and the serpent is not a snake. He goes to a small hill, with trees, where he meditates. A person will approach him from his left side, and it will be a female. Tell him to watch, to be careful.”

When I asked Floyd to explain the vision further he said I did not need to know anything about it. He said Adi Da would know what the vision means so I should just pass in on.

On only a handful of occasions did Adi Da Samraj directly write a letter to anyone.

On the morning of November 16, 1994, Adi Da Samraj hand wrote a reply to Looks For Buffalo’s message of his vision. This letter was placed in Adi Da’s Sukra Kendra, the Temple where He Sits to do His Blessing Work for the world, and later that day it was typed and emailed to me to be passed on to Looks For Buffalo.

This letter is an Intimate Confession from Adi Da to Looks For Buffalo, as well as to people everywhere. In this letter Adi Da reveals His Divine Awakening and His calling for all others to Realize the same. He also calls Looks For Buffalo to a right understanding of the vision he had earlier received and passed on.

Looks For Buffalo is a traditional Lakota Sioux shaman. He had not heard of Adi Da until our phone conversation. He is not a devotee of Adi Da’s. Now, in an historic interchange he was to receive this letter from Adi Da Samraj — a message intended not only for the Native American people, but for people everywhere of every apparently separate nation or tribe.


Written by Avatar Adi Da Samraj, on November 16,1994, at Adi Da Samrajashram (Naitauba), to Floyd Hand (Looks for Buffalo) of the Lakota Sioux Nation, in response to Floyd Hand’s communication passed on to Bhagavan Adi Da on November 15, 1994

If you see right visions, then See Who I Am. I Am Adi Da, the Expected One, Named John by Birth. The Woman you see on My Left Is Not Here to do harm. I have Husbanded Her, So That the coming events May Be Made “Bright”. She Is the One you see Appearing As the White Animals, but She Is Only My Own “Bright” Spirit-Power. What you see as the serpent of harm Is Only the Rising of My Own Spiritual Energy, to Purify and Control the earth and the ego. The white tribes, and every tribe, of every color, must be Purified at heart, or all will suffer. I Am the Sun of the Heart. I Stand At the right-hand side of every one. Therefore, do not meditate on harm, or on what you see to the left. Keep your eye to the right, and only meditate on Me, for the Sake of “Brightness”. Ask Her, and She will also Tell you This of Me.


Da(When Adi Da Samraj points to His Name, “John by Birth”, He is referring to Native American prophecies of the appearance of a white-skinned God-Man named “John” who would come for the Spiritual benefit of the world. At birth, Adi Da’s given name was “Franklin Jones”, and for many years He was known by the name “Bubba” (and ‘Da’) Free John”. “Free John” is a rendering of Franklin Jones, which means, “a free man (Franklin) through whom God is Gracious (Jones is a variation of John).

The “Woman” Husbanded by Adi Da is the Divine Goddess, or the Very Force of cosmic Nature and all conditional manifestation. When the Goddess is un-Husbanded and independent, She is out of control, birthing and deathing living beings indiscriminately. In the Hindu Tantric traditions the woman on a man’s right is independent, un-husbanded, and therefore randomly available to others. However, when a woman submits to be husbanded by a man, she stands on the man’s left and he on her right.

Adi Da Says He Stands to the right of the Divine Goddess, indicating His Heart-Mastery of Her, and of all beings and things.

By Virtue of Adi Da’s Incarnation in relationship to the Divine Goddess, She has been fully and truly Mastered. Thus it is that the Great Woman Stands at Adi Da’s left side. Through Love He has made the Goddess Benign. She became His Shakti, the Divine Self Radiance. In the culminating period of Adi Da’s Sadhana of Divine Re-Awakening, the Goddess Herself appeared and guided Him. In the ultimate course of that Sadhana, which occurred at the Vedanta Society Temple in Los Angeles in September, 1970, Adi Da Samraj Spiritually, literally and tangibly, Embraced the Goddess — She became His Divine Consort and He became Her Divine Master.

Like the “female” in Looks For Buffalo’s vision, the “serpent” also indicates, in traditional imagery, Adi Da’s Divine Spirit Power. In the Yogic traditions of the East the Spiritual Energy (Kundalini) that is said to rise in the body-mind is likened to a serpent. Thus, Looks For Buffalo rightly saw the “serpent” of Adi Da’s Divine Spiritual Energy.

Adi Da Samraj described the time into which He was Born as the worst time in human history, when the Divine Light seems to have been cast out from the world by mankind’s indifference. In the Hindu tradition the present era is the end-time of the cycle of epochs. It is the time of great purification, the “kali yuga”, or “dark epoch” — which is the epoch of the Goddess in Her most destructive Aspect, also known as “Kali”, the “Dark One”.

The cultures of mankind in all times have contained prophecies expressing the hopes and aspirations of all living beings for the Divine Intervention that will restore the world to Rightness. Such is the prayer expressed by the prophecy of “John” and by the legend of the white buffalo among Native Americans.

Adi Da Samraj, Who Stands, “At the right-hand side of every one”, concludes His letter by speaking to Looks For Buffalo as a shaman who is in touch with greater energies and powers than the ordinary man. Adi Da invites him to, “Ask Her, and She will also Tell you This of Me.”)

In the early evening of November 16, 1994, Crane Kirkbride, one of Adi Da’s most trusted devotees, reached Looks For Buffalo by telephone in Dakota. After introducing himself Crane explained that Adi Da had written Looks For Buffalo a reply to his recent message. Crane explained that while a copy of the letter was being mailed to Looks For Buffalo, Adi Da also wanted Crane to read it over the phone.

Sioux elders are typically well considered in their speech, saying only what is useful and necessary. On the other end of the phone Looks For Buffalo listened quietly as Crane read Adi Da’s letter to him. When Crane finished, Looks For Buffalo sat silently for a time.

Then he said, “This is a good letter. This is a letter for the whole world to hear.”

~ by Stuart Camps

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