“Already Free”

561896_10101070771756770_730305919_n“Human bondage comes from mind. The non-humans native to this Earth-world are not trapped in mind—at least, not to the degree (or in the same manner) that is the case with human beings. Of course, the non-humans here suffer a level of operative psyche that represents bondage even in their case—but, nevertheless, all the non-humans native to this earth-world innately enjoy a fundamental freedom from the bondage to mind that is uniquely manufactured and exaggerated by human beings. That is why human beings have a unique obligation relative to the transcending of egoity, and relative to the Ordeal of Divine Self-Realization. Generally speaking, the non-humans native to this Earth-world are, by their natural nature, innately extended into the Field of Transcendental Contemplation. Therefore, they can always readily drop out of their rudimentary bondage to mind.

“Fundamentally, as an innate characteristic, they Stand Prior to mind. In that sense, the non-humans here are (to some degree) already Free. They are not Absolutely Free, because they are still bound to conditionally manifested existence — but they do enjoy an inherent means for transcending conditionally manifested existence. Therefore, the non-humans native to this Earth-world do not require verbal Instruction in how to practice the ego-transcending, mind-transcending, and world-transcending Way.

Picture 5671“I Relate very directly to the non-humans here — and I Freely Relate to them Spiritually. Indeed, I Do My Avataric Divine Spiritual Work in direct relation even to apparently inanimate “things” — including the very structures and materials of both human and natural spaces. This directness that characterizes My tacit relationship to all that arises conditionally does not require words, because the non-humans here (and even all material conditions here) have no innate requirement to overcome word-mind. Human beings are (in their egoity) uniquely unavailable to Spiritual Influence — only because of the force of mind, the force of the patterning associated with conceptual and perceptual bondage. Every human individual virtually “carries the world around” in the form of his or her own mind. Every human being carries a “personalized” facsimile of the world in speech-mind, in mental pictures, in “point-of-view”-based psychology and psyche—and all of that is nothing but an illusion. That mind-world exists only in the
brain-field, and in the energy-field otherwise associated with the physical brain. That mind-world does not exist otherwise.”   – Adi Da Samraj


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