“As Un-busy as Possible”

PART_1448882930792_20151129_1302321“They exercise the capability of Divine Contemplation. They also experience psychic dimension things and so forth—what you might call dream-world awareness. They wake, they sleep, they dream, and they Contemplate, by relinquishing self-regard, and even awareness relative to the body. So they go in some protected spot, and check it out, and then zone out. And yet remarkably they retain the ability to [snaps His fingers] in an instant, react if their territory is interfered with or encroached upon. But given the opportunity again, you know…, they don’t want to fight all day.

“A lot of animals even have mock fights—like deer and such. With their great antlers they have these fights, in which there is no intention whatsoever to do anybody any harm and such. Some kind of rules they’ve worked out about when you say you’re beaten and who you acknowledge to have won, but there’s never any intention for them to kill one another or anything in those game-battles.

“So they always move to return to free Contemplation and prefer to be as un-busy as possible. And it’s not just because they just want to lie around and relax. They forget body-consciousness, self-consciousness, and enter into Contemplation. They do this rather readily. Of course, they can be interfered with like human beings can, and have a lot of trouble from human beings and the effects of human beings. And there’s even a lot of trouble in the natural world, too, that they have to be wary of.”  – Adi Da Samraj