Blissful Contemplatives

10330364_502515396542690_8782042526987122394_n“Most non-human beings, you could observe, are spending a lot of time in Contemplation. Their times of non-Contemplation are associated with some kind of physical necessity. They prefer to be in a situation of not having physical obligation. Very often this is so. Then there are others that may move a lot, even the bees, for instance. They seem to be very busy, and not stopping for Contemplation much, except the queen perhaps. But the hive is a place of exaltation, extraordinary sound is in it, and nectars drunk.

“They are in a Contemplative state of exaltation, constantly, while their bodies otherwise appear to be very busy, like fishes, too, and so on. You know? So either it’s something like that, some profundity, even though seeming to be very active, or, as in many other cases, animals, or non-humans of whatever kind, pause a lot, sit still a lot… these are the true “odalisques” (blissful Contemplatives of the Divine), all around you. Look at the trees odalisquing. They handle their business in an elegant and very slow manner. (soft laughter) And they stand there in constant Contemplation, full ‘conductivity’ — unless you abuse them, or they get interfered with somehow…”  – Adi Da Samraj


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