“No Clock Punching”

meditating-animals-5“What would happen if there were a lot more animals who insisted on thoroughly affirming their life of Contemplation, no matter what human beings did to them or tried to get them to do? It would probably have a great influence on human beings if all the non-humans agreed to handle their business in a simple way and just spend the rest of their time Contemplating, from now on. No more extraneous requirements, no more beach balls, and no pulling plow – none of that sort of activity. What would happen if all the zoo animals were Contemplating, instead? – with a little snack every now and then, but, otherwise, obviously Contemplating… What would happen if you could no longer control the non-humans, and they just insisted on their Contemplation? Well, they could change people a lot, it would seem…

cat-meditating-23406“If you look at animals in their natural setting where they have to provide for themselves, and so on, they handle that business. But then you also see them all taking extended Contemplative breaks frequently every day. No clock-punching… If you have to provide for yourself, you make it as playful and interesting as you can, and then you rest from that for a few days and do some really extended meditation! That is basically what non-humans like to do.

“They do not like the stress of bodily obligation. Human beings are the only species that does this here. The others are all living ages of Contemplation. They know the world is not a paradise. It is not to be made into an ‘eternity’. Nor is it to be presumed or imagined that it could be. They know this very well. So they use conditional existence as a circumstance of Contemplation.” – Adi Da Samraj



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