The Life of Non-Humans

A prairie dog rests.Adi Da Samraj: It is perhaps a general presumption that non-humans don’t have a true religious life. They may not organize themselves outwardly in the cultural way that suggests religion to human beings, but if you examine their behavior, you do see them in Contemplation, utterly still.

And they choose to not be busy a lot. And when they have business to do, they do it. If something has to be addressed, their reaction is quick. They go about dealing with it, but they want to do that as efficiently and quickly as possible — eating, food gathering, whatever it may be — so that they can odalisque some more.

meditation-elephant-girl-connection-FavimIf you observe them, they enter into a state of Contemplation, without thought. There’s nothing impinging on them. They find a safe place and make sure everything’s taken into account relative to the safety of the body, and then they drop out.

The non-humans are in states of Contemplation, feeling beyond body-consciousness, going beyond the afraid-to-lose-the-body disposition, forgetting it entirely, entering into a zone of body-consciousness, beyond contracting on the separate body. They enter directly into the state of Divine Contemplation. They don’t necessarily need any seven stages of life, at least precisely as you grasp it in human form. They have their own way of doing it, perhaps — now Gifted to do all seven, because I don’t only Instruct and Awaken human beings. So I know the kind of Contemplation every thing and every one does.



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