“Become Sensitive to Everything”

1040305_518568391545229_190524543_o“We were just talking about the non-humans here in a somewhat different fashion, perhaps, in terms of them being signs of Divine Awareness, not just representations of the invisible world and so on—here to help humans or to be of use to them, perhaps, somehow. Divinely Awake, in profound Contemplation—not merely of the dream-world—beyond self, forgetting the body-mind, profound Contemplatives. So that’s what we were talking about. But it still would require the same thing of you basically that was done long ago and still. You have to allow yourself to become sensitive to everything, everyone, and realize that everyone is a one, not just the humans. In their presumption they are, certainly, as alive and conscious as you, just as self-aware in every fundamental sense. They get afraid in their bodies when threatened, like you do. And, therefore, they are urgent with Contemplation. They are not over-busy; or if they are busy, they’re intoxicated somehow by their song with one another, or whatever it may be—for example the bees, and so on.”  – Adi Da Samraj


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