“Something To Notice”

4027712“Right now in the outback in Australia, aborigines, so-called aborigines, are sitting around fires or just sitting out on the ground somewhere. And among the things they look to observe are the non-humans in their movements about, the whole non-human process – the weather, the sky, the stars, everything, observed in a rather Contemplative disposition of openness altogether.

“Among those people, like among the native American Indians, it is not merely believed in some heady sense, but presumed that the non-humans are a unique display of what is beyond the human—and are not lesser at all. They are a unique sign, something to notice very profoundly, and to learn from and so on. There is also the presumption that for the humans to survive they have to sometimes kill animals or whatever for food. But even that is done in a sacred disposition—not maliciously, but with respect and an acknowledgment of necessity, with regret and asking for apology and expressing good will and blessing. Something of that is in it all.

“But apart from the eatings of the non-humans, those peoples do spend a lot of time ThreeCamelsobserving them, noticing all kinds of things about them, including their survival abilities and whatnot. But beyond that, they are viewed as direct spirit-forms, with something instructive about them and a kind of power even to become intimate with. Such peoples do a kind of samyama (consideration), then, on animals. They Contemplate them to the point of achievement of sometimes remarkable states and so on.”  – Adi Da Samraj


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